Robert Orlando, BFA, School of Visual Arts, is a filmmaker, author, scholar, and Executive Director of Nexus Media. As a scholar, his studies include film, religion, ancient and modern history, and biography. As an award-winning writer/director, his films include thought-provoking documentaries such as Silence Patton, The Divine Plan, and Citizen Trump. His books include Apostle Paul: A Polite Bribe, The Final Verdict, The Divine Plan, The Tragedy of Patton, and Citizen Trump: A One Man Show. His work has been published in the books Writing Short Scripts, and his articles have appeared in the American Thinker, The Catholic Thing, Daily Caller, HuffPost, Townhall, Patheos, Newsmax and Merion West. Orlando has spoken at numerous churches, colleges, The White House and The Vatican. 

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Apostle Paul's is one of the most fascinating characters in history, and his last few years are shrouded in mystery. Visionary author-filmmaker Robert Orlando and a world of experts (NT Wright, Ben Witherington, Craig Evans) tell an epic tale, interwoven with stunning new artwork and cutting edge filmmaking to shed fresh light on Paul's failed collection, trial, and the meaning of his life and death. 


What happened in the last few years of Paul's life? Why was his goodwill collection rejected, mobbed in Jerusalem by his brethren, hunted by assassins, and thrown in jail? How and why did he die? Were his plans fulfilled or frustrated? Did he ever get to Spain? How should we interpret his last moments with history and the sources? 


This epic trilogy sheds light on these very questions of Christian origins and Western history through Paul's life's social, economic, and legal context. Orlando leads a team of experts on the apostle Paul and the Roman, Jewish, and early Christian worlds, in which he spent his final days - with a heartfelt passion. 


Surprising new insights emerge with broad significance for all who wish to know about the origins of their faith, Western history, or the life of this tragic hero. The filmmaker says, "to know Saint Paul, one must understand him during his traumatic final years.


Part I Apostle Paul: a polite bribe




Thirty Years After The Death Of Christ, the future of the Christian Church teetered on faulty ground. With the pressure from a potential war with Rome, the Apostle Paul's Gentile Churches and the Judean Church led by James had emerged with different visions for the mission. 


This mutually destructive fracture would have ended the Church in its infancy if not for one man and his offering to support the Church in Jerusalem. Now for the first time, learn how Paul's missionary agreement for a time kept the early Christian movement together. 


Learn how one man stood in the gap and defied some of the early followers, left his homeland, was betrayed by his people, but in the end his message of good news would conquer an Empire.


Part II Apostle Paul: the final verdict


The Final Verdict


The film Apostle Paul: A Polite Bribe (2013) and the book that followed were seen worldwide and sparked an ongoing debate over a narrative that until then had Paul's collection as a side note when it was oe of the keys to understanding his ministry.



The Final Verdict follows that first revelation as an answer to all the questions left in the audiences worldwide, namely, how Paul's collection became the cause for his imprisonment back in Jerusalem and how it made him a transformational figure? 


Orlando's ancient courtroom narrative exposes the lessons of history to share timeless lessons we can apply to the same conflicts rumbling through the world today to uncover the Apostle Paul as one of the most seminal figures of Western history.


Part III Apostle Paul: A FILMMAKER's QUEST


A Filmmaker's Quest


The filmmaker Robert Orlando has been mesmerized by the Apostle Paul since reading the Bible as a youth. He feels that the historical, the genuine, Paul has yet to be fully exposed, not only on the printed page but in the modern cinema!


The filmmaker's trilogy brings to vivid life Paul's story in all its human complexities. A Polite Bribe zeroes in on the controversial subject of the collection, and the factions between Apostles Paul and James. The Final Verdict (Spring 2022), picks up where the first film left off, taking viewers through the ancient Roman courtrooms that culminate in Paul's fatal confrontation with Nero. The third and final film, A Filmmaker's Quest (TBD), completes Orlando's journey from simple faith to an epic movie.


Orlando's trilogy is about illuminating the flesh and blood Paul's and his influence, which has a resonance that has reverberated for two millennia. By researching the works of leading scholars and critics, he offers a deeper understanding of Paul, not only as a saint, but as heroic man, to better understand ourselves. 

Books: Apostle Paul Trilogy






"If Oliver Stone was a Bible Scholar

he might turn out a movie like A Polite Bribe."
-- Film Critic Amy Longsdorf of the Morning Call 

"I can't recall having seen anything quite like this"

-- Mark Goodacre, Duke University

"fair and airs a spectrum of opinions"

-- Ben Witherington, Asbury Theological Seminary

"an informative and provocative film"

-- Larry Hurtado, University of Edinburgh

"the most unique book ever written about the apostle Paul."

-- Jeffrey Butz, Penn State University

"It will challenge everything you thought you knew"

-- Valerie Knight WOGL-FM

"for the first time some one told the truth!"

-- Paul Achtemeier, Union Seminary

"Anyone interested in one of western history's most fascinating and consequential figures will profit from engaging with Orlando's work."

-- Steve Mason

"a compellingly-told story of a key figure in the history of early Christianity."

-- James McGrath, Butler University

"ardently and articulately makes a plausible case for what might have happened to Paul"

-- Corrie Norman, University of Wisconsin

"scholars and laypersons alike are given the unique  chance to meet Paul again for the first time"

-- Gerd Ludemann, Vanderbilt University

"thought-provoking, informative, inspiring and eye-opening"

-- Paul Perrello Metro Networks

"pulls back the veil on that history revealing the true account of the parties and politics"

-- James Tabor, University of North Carolina

"does a good job at getting at some of the major tensions and problems in Paul's life and ministry"

-- Bill Tameus, Faith Matters Blog

"a narrative that cannot easily be dismissed, regardless of one's faith or political leanings"

-- Joshua Paul Smith Near Emanus Blog

 "The artwork should be exhibited in the Philadelphia Museum Of Art"

-- Phillip Silverstone "Time Out"

WWDB-TALK 860 Philadelphia

"seamlessly blends cutting‐edge Pauline scholarship with narrative storytelling"

-- Mark Mattison, "The Paul Page"


“Orlando seeks to move from Paul’s theology to look at his first-century identity”


— Bradford McCall Claremont School 


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 We dedicate these films in honor of those who have committed their lives to the

sacred truths of scripture and especially to those we have lost during the making of the series.

Their work and their memory keep this story alive.


Author Director Robert Orlando

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